With all the hard-working and dedication of the TAISUN management team, employees and the full support of the partners, TAISUN Vietnam has overcome the tough year of 2017 successfully with fruitful result. The Annual Ceremony of 2017 was held in the headquarter of TAISUN in Cu Chi Industrial Zone on 3/2/2018

As the yearly routine, the Ceremony has become he spirit habit of each employees every New Year occasion of TAISUN Vietnam. This is not only an opportunity for all officer, employees of TAISUN to sit warmly together to have a look back to the last year to review, to share all the hard work and contribution but for each individual to review the area that need to be improved and prepare to achieve it in the new year.

Participated in the Ceremony, there’s the most important person for TAISUN – President TAI CHAO RONG along with the Board of Director and all TAISUN employees from North to South. Not only TAISUN Family, we are also witness the participation of all the key partner, clients, supplier that has stayed with TAISUN for the last 17 years. This time, we had a chance to talk, share and learn from each other a lot of new experience as well as to see what we need to improve.

For the Ceremony opening, President TAI CHAO RONG had shared his vision, expectation through a warm and heart touching speech to all employees and partner of TAISUN. In the speech also express a few key recap of 2017, direction and strategy in 2018 with more positive changes in term of quantity and quality of the work. About the development direction of TAISUN, the company will invest more to grow strongly the Baby Care, Adult Care and Fem Care categories not only in Vietnam Domestic Market but the international market also. To be precise, President TAI CHAO RONG Instructions were:

  • The Turn Over and profit result of the company to increase 30% YOY
  • In Vietnam, Baby Care category need to try harder to reach the Third ranking in the market, followed by Adult Care category at the Second ranking and Fem Care at the Fourth ranking.
  • In Cambodia, Baby Care & Adult category must maintain the Number One ranking followed by Fem Care at the Third Ranking.

About the Human Resource Management, in 2018, TAISUN’s top priority will be driving the management quality with the new approach and control system to improve the productivity and business effectiveness.

Along with that, departments and individual with outstanding performance and long-term contribution have already been rewarded and honored by the company.

We cannot forget to mention about a “Speciality” of TAISUN which is the Entertainment Performance carried out by TAISUN employees as a present to all participant. The Performances has been built up with great effort and contribution of each individual of each department and have been highly appreciate by President TAI CHAO RONG and the participant.

To conclude for the ceremony, President TAI CHAO RONG sent the best wishes to all employees, partners for a year full of health, success and prosperity and express his sincerely appreciation to everyone who has been presented at the ceremony.

The last part of the Ceremony is the excited lucky draw with hundreds of prize from the Company and supplier of TAISUN. The Lucky has been successfully accomplished in great atmosphere where almost everyone is satisfied with the prize