Number:   1

Job description:                               

                                - Responsible to achieve the monthly / daily target set by the company for the branch and team members

                                - Responsible to create total/ product wise target Plan for salesmen and to be given to zonal manager and get approved

                                - Change in target to be initiated to team members

                                - Ensure the salesmen performs on all their KPIS to achieve maximum marks and incentives

                                - Plan and prepare and communicate the target plan and the daily sales plan to the salesmen

                                - Communicate any updates received from head office or zonal manager to the salesman

                                - Ensure the salesmen issued palmtop bills for sales made to all customers

                                - Ensure the products are not sold at different prices to which are set by the company

                                - Ensure the achievement of daily sales targets for himself to convince the potential of the route to salesman

                                - Receive the updates on new schemes are not given by any salesman in the market

                                - Schedule route visit with sales man on a regular basis Visits route visits with salesman to identify market solution improve relationship with customers, resolve customers

                                - Monitor salesman performance at the outlet and recommend areas improvement


Working conditions:

                                - Workplace: Ha Noi City

                                - Working hour: 08:00 - 17:30 (Monday - Friday) & 08:00 - 12:00 (Saturday).



                                - University graduation major in Foreign trade, Marketing, Business administration;

                                - Minimum: 3-5 years;

                                - English or Chinese fluently;

                                - At least 3 years experience in same position in FMCG.



  1. Salary: Competitive;
  2. Annual leave: 12 days/year (< 5 yos), 13 days/year (5<10 yos), 14 days/year (10+ yos)
  3. Annual bonus (avg. 1.5 month);
  4. Labor day bonus;
  5. Mid-Autumn bonus;
  6. Absenteeism bonus;
  7. Reward for Outstanding employee/dept;
  8. Insurance pay on total salary;
  9. Free products;
  10. Marital/Funeral/Sickness support;
  11. Touring trip/Touring fee;
  12. Birthday gift;
  13. Int'l Women day's gift;
  14. Vietnamese women day's gift;
  15. Children day's gift;
  16. Year-end gift;
  17. No interest loan for emergent needs;
  18. Training on the job.