Number:  1

Job description:                               

                                - Collaborating with National Sales Director to establish and execute a sales goal for the region

                                - Managing a sales team in order to maximize sales revenue and meet or exceed corporate-set goals

                                - Developing specific plans to ensure growth both long and short-term

                                - Educating sales team with presentations of strategies, seminars and regular meetings

                                - Reviewing regional expenses, budget and recommending suitable improvements program

                                - Create regional sales plans and quotas in alignment with business objectives

                                - Report on regional sales results. Forecast quarterly and annual profits

                                - Identify hiring needs, select and train new salespeople

                                - Analyze regional market trends and discover new opportunities for growth

                                - Identify and solve potential problems and as well as suggest prompt solutions

                                - Suggest new services/products and innovative sales techniques to increase customer satisfaction

                                - Acting as the main point of contact with suppliers, and distributors in the region.

                                - Preparing sales reports and submitting them to senior management.

                                - Closely work and communicating with DTR to determine their needs aim to push revenue and development strategy.

                                - Maximizing growth potential of DTR, stores within the region.

                                - Collecting customer feedback, analyzing the market as well as market research to prepare long term development plan.


Working conditions:   

                                - Workplace: Ha Noi City

                                - Working hour: 08:00 - 17:00 (Monday - Saturday)



                                - Bachelor’s Degree (Marketing, Sales or related field).

                                - Proven experience in sales management.

                                - Detail-oriented.

                                - Excellent communication skills.

                                - The ability to work under stress and resolve conflict.

                                - The ability to motivate staff and lead a team

                                - Ability to measure and analyze key performance indicators (ROI and KPIs)

                                - Understanding of company operations

                                - Ability to lead and motivate a high performance sales team

                                - Strong organizational skills with a problem-solving attitude

                                -  Availability to travel as needed



  1. Salary: Competitive;
  2. Annual leave: 12 days/year (< 5 yos), 13 days/year (5<10 yos), 14 days/year (10+ yos)
  3. Annual bonus (avg. 1.5 month);
  4. Labor day bonus;
  5. Mid-Autumn bonus;
  6. Absenteeism bonus;
  7. Reward for Outstanding employee/dept;
  8. Insurance pay on total salary;
  9. Free products;
  10. Marital/Funeral/Sickness support;
  11. Touring trip/Touring fee;
  12. Birthday gift;
  13. Int'l Women day's gift;
  14. Vietnamese women day's gift;
  15. Children day's gift;
  16. Year-end gift;
  17. No interest loan for emergent needs;
  18. Training on the job.