“Growing Together” is Taisun’s corporate spirit. Besides insisting on continuously developing quality products to make life more convenient and better for consumers, we also value the co-existence and co-prosperity with local communities, the environment, and local residents, and we have practiced this spirit for nearly 20 years in our major locations of operation. As this spirit coincides with our CSR, we have concluded the foci of our CSR practice and corporate spirit in the following six categories: “ethical governance,” “product responsibility,” “Innovation and R&D,” “happy workplace,” “social Engagement,” and “green environment.”

Looking to the future, we will develop eco-friendly, bio-degradable diapers that are lighter, softer, more air-permeable, and with more value added. Apart from complying with the increasingly stricter environmental protection requirements across the world in recent years, these revolutionary products can help Taisun enter brand-new markets in high-income countries with stricter environmental protection requirements. In addition, upholding our focus on the core business and flexibility in strategy uses, we will continue to enhance resources integration to create new value, in order to “build an outstanding enterprise,” “cultivate excellent talents,” and contribute to society.

Practically, we have defined and progressively achieved indicators addressing aspects covering climate change, governance information disclosure, supplier sustainable management, product quality, customer service, and social participation.

In the pursuit of green environment, we will actively rebuild a green supply chain and promote the localized supply of materials supply in two major production bases, Vietnam and Cambodia, to reduce carbon emissions and shorten the supply chain, in order to conserve energy and reduce carbon in collaboration with suppliers to pursue the sustainable development of the supply chain.

In building a happy workplace, we protect the rights and interests of local workers, provide a work environment that is safe and can promote employee health, enforce talent training and personalized employee career development and planning, and offer multiple benefits to make Taisun a healthy corporate citizen emphasizing corporate health responsibility (CHR).

In co-prosperity and sustainable development with local communicates, we actively expand our influence on local communities in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Taiwan, covering care for the vulnerable, industry–academia collaboration, and community environment and industrial development, to drive the virtuous circle and local prosperity in local communities.

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