Board of Directors

Directors' Biographies (Total 7 seats. Tenure : 6/29/2020~6/28/2023)

Occupational titleNameEducation & Major work experience



Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, Ming Chi University of Technology

Department of Business Administration, University of Economics, Ho Chi Minh City

Chairman's special assistant and spokesperson of the former company of ADVANCETEK ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.



Chairman of Taipoly


Chairman of AB Care

Chairman of Greenext


Overseas Inc.




Department of Business Administration, Hanoi Open University

Senior Director of Foreign Trade of Taisun Group

KT Look Int’l Inc.  

EMBA of Commerce, National Taiwan University

Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Global Economy and Trading, National Chengchih University

Chairman and Executive Director Vietnam Manufacturing & Processing Exporting Holding Co., Ltd. (Current position)

Supervisor of AREC Inc. (Current position)

President of Sanyang Motor Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Vice President of Sanyang Motor Co., Ltd.

Chief Representative of Vietnam Representative Office, Ching Feng Group

Director of India inetic Motor Co., Ltd.

Director, Sanyang Kuayhueh Motors Co., Ltd. (Chongqing, China)

Secretary to the Board of Directors, Xia Xing Motor Co., Ltd. (China)

Director of Sanyang Motor Indonesia Co., Ltd.

Director of The Council of Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh City Branch

Member of the Vietnam and India Branch, Chinese National Federation of Industries, Asia-Pacific, Industry Promotion Committee

Member of the Industry Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Economic Affairs

Secretary-General of the Vietnam Affairs Committee of the ROC Collision Industry Economic Commerce Association (CIECA)

Director of Taipei School, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Independent Director YU SHANG WU

PhD in Finance, University of Birmingham

Dean of College of Business & Management, Jinwen University of Science and Technology

Chair Professor & Dean of College of Management and Language, Yuanpei University of Medical Technology

Vice President & Dean of College of Management, TUNGNAN UNIVERSITY

Dean of College of Informatics, Takming University of Science and Technology

Head & Dean of Student Affairs, Department of Information Management, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Director of First Financial Holding Co., Ltd.

Director of International Securities Holding Co., Ltd.

Section Chief of the Minister's Office, Fair Trade Commission (FTC), Executive Yuan

Secretary of the Deputy Minister's Office, Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA)

Director of First Commercial Bank

Director of Taiwan Stock Exchange

Independent director of TXC Corporation

Honorary Chair Professor of College of Management and Design, Ming Chi University of Technology (MCUT)

Independent director of Taisun Holding Int’l Corp.

Independent director of VISGENEER INC.

Supervisor of Taiwan Institute of Economic Research

Independent Director HSIEN JAU HWANG

Department of Accounting, National Cheng Kung University (NCKU)

Chief Financial Officer of Vedan International (Holdings) Limited

Vice President of Financial Division, Central Trading & Development Corporation

Manager of Vietnam Branch Office, Chinfon Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.

Manager of Foreign Department, Chinfon Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.

Chief Strategy Officer of Vedan International (Holdings) Limited

Director of Jia Han International Company Limited

Independent Director of Chung-Yu Technologies Inc.

Independent director of Welcome to Kaiser furniture

Independent Director CHEN MIN HUN

Department of Economics, Soochow University

Director of Sales Department, China Steel Corporation (CSC)

Assistant Vice President, China Steel Corporation (CSC)

Chairman of China Steel Structure Co., Ltd. (CSSC)

Chairman & President, China Steel Sumikin Vietnam Joint Stock Company (CSVC)

Chairman of China Steel Global Trading Corporation

Chairman of Tang Eng Iron Works Co., Ltd.

Consultant, China Steel Business Consultation Corporation

Independent Director HOU GUE FENG

Department of Journalism, National Chengchih University

Senior Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Commonwealth Magazine

Responsible person of CSR, Commonwealth Magazine

Special Circulatory Reporter to Southeast Asia, Commercial Times

Financial and Economic Head, TVBS

Interpretation Department head, Anue Network

Era Television

Director of Economic Research, Commercial Weekly


Board Diversity Policy

Attendance and Resolution of BOD



Committees's Member

Committe Member

1. Audit Committee

The Company has established the “Auditing Committee” on January 8, 2016. All members of the committee are Independent Directors (4 seats), 1 of whom is elected by all other members to act as the convener and presiding officer of all committee meetings. The Auditing Committee performs its function in accordance with the “Charter for the Organization of Auditing Committee” and the issues subject to review are as following: (1)Institution or revision of the internal control system, evaluation of the effectiveness of the internal control system ; (2)Institution or revision of the procedures for the acquisition or disposals of assets, derivative trade, loaning of funds, endorsement and guarantee, and other procedures regulating financial and business transactions in material aspects ; (3)Issues pertinent to the private interests of the Directors, major transactions of assets or derivatives, sizable loaning of funds, endorsement or guarantee, offering ; (4)Issuance of offered through private placement of equity securities ; (5)appointment, dismissal and remuneration to independent accountants ; (6)the appointment and dismissal of chief financial, accounting of internal auditing officers ; (7)annual report and interim report ; (8)other issues of materiality of the Company or as required by the competent authority.

Audit Committee attendance

2. Remuneration Committee

(1)Develop and regularly review the policy, system, standard and structure of performance assessment on and remunerations to directors and managers;

(2)Regularly assess and determine remunerations to directors and managers. The convener shall hold at least two meetings of the Remuneration Committee every year and may hold a meeting at any time as needed.

Remuneration Committee attendance

3. Sustainable Development Committee (hereinafter referred to ESG Committee)

In order to assist the Board of Directors to continuously promote corporate social responsibility and improve corporate governance for the purpose of practicing sustainable management, the authority of CSR Committee should include the following,

(1) To formulate corporate social responsibility, and formulate relevant management policies.

(2) To supervise sustainable development direction and goals, and track the execution progress.

(3) To evaluate the implementation and effective of the Company’s sustainable development regularly, and report to the board of directors on the annual implementation results of  CSR/ESG.

(4) To review the corporate social responsibility report.

(5) Other matters to be performed by the Committee pursuant to the resolution of the board of directors.

In response to the international ESG development trend and the company's future needs, the company's "Corporate Social Responsibility Committee" is proposed to be renamed as the "Sustainable Development Committee". It was approved by the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee and the Board of Directors on August 26, 2021.


Title Name Main Expertise
Chaiman EVERLINK OVERSEAS INC.Representative- TAI CHAO RONG Corporate Governance, Manufacturing, Material, Operation Management and Finance
Independent Director Yu Shang Wu Corporate Governance, Finance, Audit and Operation Management 
Independent Director Hou Gue Feng CSR/ESG,Media PR,Operation and Management.

ESG Committee attendance