For more than 16 years working with the motto "Taisun Development attaches community responsibility", Taisun Vietnam Co., Ltd. not only brings valuable products that really help people's lives ,but it also promotes volunteer activities, contributing to building a more civilized and developed society.

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Taisun Vietnam Co., Ltd has over 16 years of experience in manufacturing and trading of personal hygiene products such as: Unidry baby diapers, Sunmate Audit diapers, Sunfree sanitary napkins and wet tissue Unifresh. Taisun Vietnam maintains a stable domestic sales network with more than 100 distributors and export to more than 20 countries and territories.

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With over 30 charity trips, Taisun Vietnam brought a warm and memorable Christmas to disabled children, single elderly people.

Continuing the journey of community value, on December 23rd, 2017, the company organized the charity program "Christmas in Love" with more than 300 children living here at Go Vap Center for Child Support, address 45 Nguyen Van Bao, Ward 4, Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City.

This is not the first time Taisun has chosen this center because we felt that we needed to do more to help children there.

With hundred of presents including the follwing TAISUN products: milk, rice, cash and with lively songs, and a magic show. The children seem to forget the sadness and unfortunate life of life by immersing themselves into the adorable lyrics of Christmas.

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Throughout each time of doing charity activities, we desire to continue to have more trips. They are not just to help people in need with presents, but also bring them joy and happiness in life.

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