The breakthrough UniDry Ultra-thin Diapers has successfully affirmed its brand position when surpassing many bright candidates from many different countries, being honored with the Golden Award at "Taiwan Prime Awards 2021".

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On December 7, the annual Taiwan Prime Awards 2021 officially ended with an awards ceremony held in Taiwan. The awarding event took place solemnly with the participation of many businesses from many countries such as Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines. At the ceremony, UniDry Ultra-Thin Diapers has proved the quality and trust of consumers when successfully surpassing many bright candidates and was honored to be awarded the highest award - Golden Award.

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Journey to success

20 years of working with the Vietnamese diaper market, with the mission of bringing the best products to generations of Vietnamese children, the Golden Award is one of the milestones marking the success of Taisun Group on the road to implementing its mission.

The breakthrough Ultra-thin UniDry product is the "brainchild" researched and developed for many years by the UniDry team under the leadership of Mr. Tai Chao Rong - the founder of Taisun Group. With more than 30 years of experience in the diaper industry and dedicated staff, Mr. Tai Chao Rong has successfully brought UniDry baby diapers to the world and conquered the diaper market in many countries in the region. Asia such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, India and Taiwan.

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Mr.Tai Chao Rong - Chairman of Taisun Group

The Golden Award is the recognition of domestic and international consumers in general, as well as the Taiwan Prime Awards 2021 in particular for the outstanding quality of  Ultra-Thin Unidry Diapers. Is the pride of all Taisun Group members when successfully developing products, building brands and receiving high praise from international consumers.

Quality comes from the breakthrough

Overcoming rigorous standards in product research and development such as design, quality, and customer understanding, the Gold Award of the Taiwan Prime Awards 2021 is UniDry's greatest affirmation for the diaper generation of new babies with QUALITY – INNOVATION – BREAKING.

UniDry Ultra-Thin Diapers Breakthrough is a pioneer product in ultra-thin absorbent core technology in Vietnam, with outstanding features, being a mother's effective assistant to accompany her growing baby:

  • The diaper thickness is less than 4mm, the ultra-thin absorbent core is only 1.5mm to help your baby comfortably move all day long.
  • Absorbs up to 9 cups of liquid, super-fast suction with 4,000 micro-holes.
  • Ultra-soft with breathable 3D texture surface, caressing baby's tender skin.
  • The breathable bottom membrane helps to release steam quickly, baby does not worry about diaper rash.
  • Smart diaper indicator design helps to know when to change diapers, convenient diaper roll tape after use.

In particular, the UniDry Ultra Thin Baby Diaper has completely confirmed its safety and quality with 2 international certifications from the UK:

- GMP standard - Clean production standard, certified by British Standards Institute (BSI).

- ISO 9001 certified - International quality management system recognized by the UK Accreditation Agency (UKAS)

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The UniDry Ultra-Thin Diapers is a quality and safe product line with outstanding features, making it a reliable choice for every family.

*Some more information:

Taiwan Prime Awards is organized by the Government of Taiwan with the goal of finding and honoring high-quality, breakthrough products that are well received by consumers of Taiwanese businesses in the international market.

In 2021, the Taiwan Prime Awards 2021 with the participation of Taiwanese businesses from various countries in Asia, including Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines.

At the ceremony taking place on December 7, 2021 in Taiwan, the organizers of Taiwan Prime Awards 2021 officially announced the list of awards with 6 Gold Awards and 7 Silver Awards. In which, Taisun Group was honored with the Golden Award with the breakthrough product UniDry Ultra-thin Diapers.


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