The charity car "Journey of Love - Companion to the Central" of Taisun Vietnam Co., Ltd. carries many gifts to Quang Tri and Thua Thien Hue.

Last October and November, many volunteer shipments followed each other towards the Central region, helping people overcome difficulties after floods and stabilize their lives. In that journey of sharing, there is a business always accompanying support work. That is Taisun, with the program "Journey of Love - Companion with the Central" sharing difficulties and special fates.

The first destination of the volunteers was at was Hue Central Hospital - Facility 2, 20-22km from Hue center, adjacent to Quang Tri province. According to business representatives, this is a hospital with many poor patients, pediatric patients in difficult circumstances. Taisun directly gave gifts to nearly 150 patients, supporting 45 poor patients, each patient a cash allowance.

Hue 1

In Hue, Taisun also visited and supported the Duc Son Pagoda Sponsoring Center for orphans and Disabled Children, which cared for and raised 135 children, many with downm, anemia or infants.

"Due to the impact of floods and storms, the center's vegetarian food business was closed, resulting in insufficient funding for the children to study and buy diaper milk. We gave the center hundreds of gifts and gave the center a donation. cash to get through this difficult period, "said a Taisun representative. This position expected that in the coming time, many sponsors would contribute to support the center.

Hue 2

At Quang Tri General Hospital, which is treating nearly 300 patients, Taisun supports the elderly with pads and diapers, directly assists pediatric patients with necessary products such as wet towels, diapers. the baby ... while giving cash to the needy.

Hue 3

At the kindergarten in Trieu Thuan commune (Quang Tri), Taisun donates hundreds of gifts to students and gives the school a cash amount to repair facilities. The last flood, the two campuses of this school were flooded with 2m weight, the furniture and school supplies were badly damaged. Currently, the school is gradually repairing and put into operation.

In addition to activities towards the Central region, for nearly 20 years, volunteer trips, visits to loving homes, social protection units, child protection centers ... have become annual activities. of Taisun Vietnam Company Limited.

"We carry out many volunteer programs to connect and care for orphans, poor children and lonely and disabled lives all over Vietnam. The company's Board of Directors hopes to replicate the spirit. Humanitarianism and compassion to all employees of the company ", said the representative of the company.

Hue 4

According to representative of Taisun, social responsibility is not pressure from outside but a duty in the company's business orientation and mission. Promoting the spirit of compassion is also a way of leading this business to connect employees across the company. "Not only paying attention to employees' lives, community responsibility is also one of the strengths of humanity for Taisun to unite and be strong and more and more developed," he said.