It is a great honor and pride that Taisun Group received the Gold Award of Overseas Taiwanese Excellent Product hold by the Taiwan Central Government. This Contest was extremely fierce competition, so it's also proved that our products are outstanding and international level.

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           In order to encourage overseas Taiwanese businessmen to develop their own brands, this year for the first time held Overseas Taiwanese Excellent Product competition, hoping to achieve the goal of promoting the development of Overseas Taiwanese business brands, marketing Taiwan, announced on September 22nd the first run-off list, a total of 13 products stand out, respectively, won the "gold award" and "silver award" award.


          In the first stage of the overseas selection, from 47 registered products in 6 countries including Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and the Philippines, the overseas examiner will conduct a written and physical review to understand the manufacturer’s local production base and the actual situation. As well as whether to obtain trademark rights in the local area and other conditions, 36 pieces were selected as shortlisted "Overseas Taiwanese Business Products".




           The Taiwan Central Government plans to hold an awards ceremony in mid-November to publicly commend. It hopes to expand the brand awareness of Taiwanese companies through selection activities, assist Overseas Taiwanese companies to break through the siege, promote the development of industrial brands, and let the world see the dazzling performance of the Overseas Taiwanese industry.

         Finally, this award is a great achievement for the product of Taisun Group, it is also the continuous efforts of the project members and all Taisun employees to create a passionate product. From these achievements, we will have more strong motivation to continue to create the most valuable and quality products to bring satisfaction and trust to domestic and foreign consumers. We will try harder to build this brand and grow together to affirm our position in the market.